Top Choice Tibetan in Kāngdìng

Taste of Tibet

This upscale joint offers a refined take on Tibetan fare in a rustic dining room decorated with a fine collection of traditional nomad tools and tapestries. The chef sources ingredients from the Kham – from Xīndūqiá…
Top Choice Hotpot in Chéngdū

Chóngqìng Yúanlǎosì Old Hotpot

Though it may seem like sacrilege to eat Chóngqìng-style hotpot in rival Chéngdū, this place is cleaner than most and the flavour and ingredient quality speak for themselves (plus the beer is cold).
Tibetan in Jiǔzhàigōu National Park

Ā Bù Lǔ Zī

The fanciest Tibetan restaurant in Jiǔzhàigōu, this excellent establishment is run by the same family behind Zhuo Ma’s Homestay (Zhuo Ma’s brother, Ke Zhu, is a Lhasa- and Běijīng-trained chef). There's an extensive…
Sichuan in Chéngdū

Chén Mápó Dòufu

The plush flagship of this famous chain is a great place to experience mápó dòufu (麻婆豆腐; small/large ¥12/20) – soft, house bean curd with a fiery sauce of garlic, minced beef, fermented soybean, chilli oil and Sìchu…
Dumplings in Lǐtáng

Tīanjīn Gŏubùlĭ Soup Dumplings

Don't be fooled by the diminutive size of this shop run by a family from Yúnnán province, because the large soup dumplings (汤包子; tāngbāozi) pack in quite a lot of taste. Be sure to ask for a dish of the spicy sauce …
Tibetan in Gānzī

Lake Mamosarovor Tibetan Restaurant

The friendly Tibetan family that run this restaurant serve a variety of authentic Tibetan dishes and a few local Sìchuān favourites, as well as a selection of tea styles from across the Tibetan cultural regions. It'…
Tibetan in Báiyù

Kăwăkăbù Zàngcān

Despite the lack of menus, ordering here is easy as the friendly Tibetan family drag you by the arm back into the kitchen for a look. Don't think too hard, though: the momos (牛肉包子; ¥2 each) are fantastic, among the …
Market in Lè Shān

Zhanggong Qiao Jie

Zhanggong Qiao Jie's small night market is full of seafood restaurants that pull fish and more straight from tanks in front of the restaurant to throw into the pan. Dishes are priced by weight, so clarify a total co…
Vegetarian in Chéngdū

Wénshū Temple Vegetarian Restaurant

This excellent volunteer-staffed vegetarian restaurant and the atmospheric teahouse that surrounds it are on the Wénshū Temple's grounds. There's also a coffee shop in a separate pavilion in the first courtyard.
Sichuan in Chéngdū

Chóngqìng Bāyé

This gānguō (干锅, dry pot) specialist serves sizzling concoctions in very hot iron pots. Our favourites include chāojí huānlà xiā (超级欢辣虾; shrimp), zhúsǔn jībāo (竹笋鸡煲; chicken and bamboo shoots), xiānglà páigǔ (香辣排骨; …