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Chéngdū Shuāngliú International Airport is the largest airport in southwest China. Several small airports in Sìchuān's furthest corners are connected to it by one-hour flights — Jiǔzhàigōu in the north, Kāngdìng in the near west, Dàochéng-Yàdīng in the southwest, and Yùshù just across the western border with Qīnghǎi province – significantly cutting travel times to these otherwise remote destinations.



Trains head from Chéngdū to major cities across China, including to Lhasa via the famous high-altitude link. High-speed trains now connect Chéngdū to Qīngchéng Shān and Dūjiāngyàn in the north, Lè Shān and Éméi Shān in the south, and on to China's other provinces in every direction.