Live Music in Chéngdū

New Little Bar

This small pub-like venue is the place in Chéngdū to catch live local bands; they play most Fridays and Saturdays, and occasional weekdays, usually from 8pm. Live music carries a cover charge of around ¥15, dependin…
Sìchuān Opera in Chéngdū

Shǔfēng Yǎyùn Teahouse

This famous century-old theatre and teahouse puts on excellent 1½-hour shows that include music, puppetry and Sìchuān opera's famed fire breathing and face changing. Come at around 7.15pm to watch performers putting…
Theatre in Lángzhōng

North Sìchuān Shadow Puppetry

A fifth-generation family of puppeteers put on fun, informal 20-minute performances of north Sìchuān shadow puppetry in a tiny open-air courtyard. Shows are performed for audiences of two or more. It’s a couple of d…
Sìchuān Opera in Chéngdū

Jǐnjiāng Theatre

Mixed-performance shows are held daily at this renowned opera theatre. The adjoining Yuèlái Teahouse, a local favourite, holds wonderfully informal performances on its small stage on Saturdays from 2pm to 4.30pm.
Live Music in Kāngdìng

Kāngdìng Guōzhuāng

While this lively restaurant/bar overlooking People's Sq is a solid choice for a tea during the daylight hours, it truly comes into its own with live music nightly from 9.30pm. A note of caution, however: this is be…