Top Choice Wildlife Reserve in Chéngdū

Giant Panda Breeding Research Base

One of Chéngdū’s most popular attractions, this reserve 18km north of the city centre is the easiest way to glimpse Sìchuān’s most famous residents outside of a zoo. The enclosures here are large and well maintained…
Top Choice Village in Dānbā


Comparatively remote Zhōnglù, 13km from Dānbā, is a popular village for homestays and a good base for wandering through the countryside. Look for the old stone steps that climb above the village for fantastic views …
Top Choice Buddhist Monastery in Dégé

Bakong Scripture Printing Press & Monastery

This fascinating 1792 monastery houses one of western Sìchuān’s star attractions: an ongoing printing operation that still uses traditional woodblock printing methods and maintains more than 320,000 scripture plates…
Top Choice National Park in Jiǔzhàigōu National Park

Jiǔzhàigōu National Park

Jiǔzhàigōu is, for many, a highlight of China. It's still possible to get a glimpse of pristine nature for a moment or two at a time in this increasingly popular park, and even ballooning visitor numbers don't detra…
Top Choice Nature Reserve in Southern Garzê Prefecture

Yàdīng Nature Reserve

The magnificent Yàdīng Nature Reserve, 140km south of Dàochéng, centres around three sacred snow-capped mountains, a holy trinity encircled by forested valleys, crystal-clear rivers and glacier-fed lakes. These are,…
Top Choice National Park in Four Sisters Mountain

Hăizi Valley

Considered by many the most beautiful of the three valleys in the Four Sisters Mountain area, Hăizi Valley's eponymous lakes and majestic views of the Four Sisters peaks make it hard to disagree. It's a steep walk f…
Top Choice Buddhist Monastery in Yàqīng

Yarchen Gar Buddhist Institute

On a quiet bend of the Dzin-Chu River in the remote grasslands of Garzi Prefecture, this 10,000-strong Nyingma (Red Hat) community of nuns and monks living in improvised housing under the shadows of magnificent gold…
Taoist Temple in Chéngdū

Qīngyáng Temple

Located alongside Culture Park, this is Chéngdū’s oldest and most extensive Taoist temple. Qīngyáng (or Green Ram) Temple dates from the Zhou dynasty, although most of what you see is Qing. A highlight is the unusua…
Park in Chéngdū

People’s Park

On weekends, locals fill this park with dancing, song and taichi. There’s a small, willow-tree-lined boating lake and a number of teahouses: Hè Míng Teahouse is the most popular and atmospheric.
Tomb in Chéngdū

Tomb of Wáng Jiàn

Built for Wang Jian (847–918), a general who rose to power following the collapse of the Tang dynasty to rule as emperor of the Shu kingdom, this above-ground tomb, the only one excavated in China so far, was pillag…