Top Choice Electronics in Kowloon

Golden Computer Arcade & Golden Shopping Center

Occupying different floors of a building opposite Sham Shui Po MTR station, these are the places to go for low-cost computers and peripherals. Golden Computer Arcade comprises the basement and ground floor; Golden S…
Top Choice Electronics in Wan Chai & Northeast Hong Kong Island

Wan Chai Computer Centre

This gleaming, beeping warren of tiny shops is a safe bet for anything digital and electronic.
Electronics in Sānlǐtún & Cháoyáng


The downtown Běijīng flagship of innovative Chinese electronics giant Xiaomi (sometimes called China's Apple). Browse designer, low-price tech like mobile phones, Segway style foot-wheels, laptops, drones, VR headse…
Electronics in Summer Palace & Hǎidiàn

Centergate Como

Zhōngguāncūn is China’s Silicon Valley, and Zhongguancun Dajie and the streets around it are home to many malls selling digital and electronic products. This is one of the biggest of them, an eight-floor space full …
Electronics in Sānlǐtún & Cháoyáng

Bǎinǎohuì Computer Mall

Three floors of gadgetry, including computers, iPods, MP3 players, blank CDs, DVDs, gaming gear, software and other accessories. The prices are fairly competitive and you can bargain here, but don’t expect too much …
Electronics in Shēnzhèn

Huáqiáng Běi Commercial St

For electronics, Huáqiáng Běi is a living, breathing eBay, with shops and malls for blocks on end selling the latest tech gadgets, audiovisual equipment, Android tablets, Bluetooth headsets, nonbranded laptops and a…
Electronics in The Peak & Northwest Hong Kong Island

Photo Scientific

This is the favourite shop of Hong Kong’s professional photographers. You may find cheaper equipment elsewhere, but Photo Scientific has a rock-solid reputation with labelled prices, and zero leeway for bargaining. …
Electronics in Guǎngzhōu

Tiānhé Computer Markets

A supersized version of Huáqiáng Běi St in Shēnzhèn. Tons and tons of electronics and gadgets are sold in shops and malls straddling a few kilometres of the east end of Tianhe Lu.
Electronics in Kowloon

Star Computer City

This handy and relatively uncrowded mall right next to Victoria Harbour has one floor devoted to computers. It's a good place to shop if you don't mind paying a bit more.
Electronics in Wan Chai & Northeast Hong Kong Island


Service is good at this branch of Hong Kong's largest telecommunications provider where you can buy a phone, mobile service and a rechargeable SIM card.