Arts & Crafts in Shigatse

Tibetan Market

The open-air market in the Tibetan old town is a good place to pick up low-grade Tibetan crafts and souvenirs, such as prayer wheels, rosaries and traditional Tibetan boots. Bargain hard. The street market just to t…
Carpets in Shigatse

Tibet Gang Gyen Carpet Factory

Beside the Gang Gyan Orchard Hotel, 100m down a side alley, this workshop hires and trains impoverished women to weave high-quality wool carpets. Upon arrival you’ll be directed to the workshop, where you can watch …
Sports & Outdoors in Shigatse

Toread Outdoor Sports

If you are headed off on a trek but are totally unprepared, Toread is one of several shops in the city centre where you can pick up basic Chinese-made tents, sleeping bags and outdoor clothes.