Top Choice Buddhist Monastery in Shigatse

Shalu Monastery

It’s a treat for the traveller when a sight is both a pleasure to explore and of great artistic importance. Such is the Shalu Monastery, which dates back to the 11th century. It's worth a visit for its fine murals a…
Top Choice Museum in Shigatse

Wordo Museum

If you plan on eating at Wordo Kitchen (or even if you don't) don't miss heading upstairs to this fascinating and totally unexpected private museum. English speaker Kelsang does a great job of explaining the various…
Buddhist Monastery in Shigatse

Tashilhunpo Monastery

One of the few monasteries in Tibet to weather the stormy seas of the Cultural Revolution, Tashilhunpo remains relatively unscathed. It is a real pleasure to explore the busy cobbled lanes twisting around the aged b…
Buddhist Site in Shigatse

Tashilhunpo Kora

The kora around Tashilhunpo Monastery takes about one hour to complete. From the main gate, follow the monastery walls in a clockwise direction and look for an alley on the right. The alley curves around the western…
Buddhist Monastery in Shigatse

Nartang Monastery

En route to Lhatse it's worth stopping at this 12th-century Kadampa monastery, famed for wood-block printing the Nartang canon in the 18th century. Treasures in the assembly hall include small statues of Denba Tortu…
Buddhist Site in Shigatse

Festival Thangka Wall

Giant thangkas are displayed here during Shigatse's major Buddhist festivals. The views over Tashilhunpo are wonderful.
Palace in Shigatse

Summer Palace of the Panchen Lamas

Though it ranks far below Tashilhunpo, if you have extra time in Shigatse, pay a visit to this walled palace complex at the southwestern end of town. The palace was built in 1844 by the seventh Panchen Lama, Tenpei …
Fort in Shigatse

Shigatse Dzong

Once the residence of the kings of Tsang and later the governor of Tsang, very little remained of this dzong after it was destroyed in the popular uprising of 1959. Construction on a new building began several years…
Park in Shigatse

Darawa Linka

Locals make merry at this park on the eastern side of Shigatse. Grab a bottle of Lhasa beer and join them. There are a couple dozen tents where people kick back, drink beer and play sho (a Tibetan board game) and ma…
Buddhist Site in Shigatse

Mani Lhakhang

This charming chapel in the Tibetan part of town houses a building-sized prayer wheel.