Top Choice Books in Shēnzhèn

Old Heaven Books

A delicious bookstore specialising in cultural and academic titles, that also doubles as a music store (vinyls anyone?). Gigs sometimes take place in the adjoining cafe. Located in the northern section of the OCT-LO…
Arts & Crafts in Shēnzhèn

Dàfēn Oil Painting Village

A real eye-opener: 600 studios-cum-stores, churning out thousands of copies of Rembrandt, Renoir and Picasso paintings every week, and some original work, in laneways for all to see. Prices start from ¥200. Exit the…
Fashion & Accessories in Shēnzhèn

Luóhú Commercial City

An old favourite of Hong Kong day trippers, this multistorey mall, right next to the Luóhú train station, has 1000 stalls selling handbags, household fabric, clothing, accessories, knick-knacks and DVDs, as well as …
Fashion & Accessories in Shēnzhèn

Kingglory Plaza

Sitting atop the Guómào metro station, this modern shopping mall is where many Hong Kong day trippers hang out. It’s more upscale than the much older Luóhú Commercial City one station away, and features local and im…
Electronics in Shēnzhèn

Huáqiáng Běi Commercial St

For electronics, Huáqiáng Běi is a living, breathing eBay, with shops and malls for blocks on end selling the latest tech gadgets, audiovisual equipment, Android tablets, Bluetooth headsets, nonbranded laptops and a…
Market in Shēnzhèn

Dōngmén Market

A chaotic market popular for tailored suits, skirts, curtains and bedding. Be careful of pickpockets.
Homewares in Shēnzhèn

Century Furnishings Central Mall

This mall has a whopping 30,000 sq metres of retail space for homewares. There are three main zones: A and B sell mainly tiles, and bathroom and shower gadgets; C – the most popular among leisure shoppers – is all a…
Homewares in Shēnzhèn

Galaxy & Top Living

A one-stop mall for mid-to-upper-range furnishings that features some imported brands such as Simmons, Markor Furnishings and Ligne Roset. If you take a cab from Luóhú station it’s about ¥50.