Top Choice South Indian in Shēnzhèn

Bollywood Cafe

One of the top restaurants for international food in Guǎngdōng – definitely the best Indian. The South Indian flavours have kick in the Kedai chicken or flaky naan. A steady flow of Indian families and businessmen t…
Asian in Shēnzhèn

Super Steak

The menu in this sleek fusion spot is a feast for the eyes and palate, with over 400 diverse choices, from pad thai noodles to sashimi to steak. However, some items may not always be available.
Muslim in Shēnzhèn

Muslim Hotel Restaurant

Expect hearty beef and mutton dishes in this halal restaurant run by the Hui (Chinese Muslims). It's in a hotel done up like a mock mosque.
Dim Sum in Shēnzhèn

Phoenix House

One of the best Cantonese restaurants in town, but expect noisy waits for 30 minutes or more after 11.30am. Some of the dim sum can be ordered by the piece – good when you’re dining alone.
Vegetarian in Shēnzhèn

Summer Tea House

Tucked away in an office building near Xīhú Bīnguǎn is this vegies’ favourite in Shēnzhèn, with healthy ingredients, a relaxing tea-tasting area and a smoke-free dining hall. There's no English menu, but colourful p…
Hangzhou in Shēnzhèn

West Lake Spring

This Hángzhōu restaurant gets the thumbs-up from locals. Signature dishes such as Lóngjǐng Xiārén ( 龙井虾仁; stir-fried freshwater shrimp with Longjing tea leaves; ¥88) and Sòngsǎo Yúgēng ( 宋嫂鱼羹; yellow croaker soup; s…
Dim Sum in Shēnzhèn


An excellent, modern, dim-sum restaurant on the 5th floor of Luóhú Commercial City. Tables are a little close together, but the environment is pleasant and service is warm.
Hunanese in Shēnzhèn

Máojiā Restaurant

This decent Húnán restaurant honours Mao Zedong, who was a native of Húnán. It’s decked out with Mao paraphernalia, including a copper bust of the Chinese leader and a few poems he penned. Non-spicy options include …
Chinese in Shēnzhèn

Mǐ Mǐ Jiā

You might get flashbacks to school dinners, but this casual restaurant is great for trying out dishes. Small plates such as whole baked fish with ginger slivers, stewed pork or chili tofu are hot, fresh and on displ…
Vegetarian in Shēnzhèn

Yúnláijū Vegetarian

Vegetarian or not, the interesting dishes in this calm, large restaurant will please many. Try skewers of mock meat, hand-pulled noodles in a rich tomato and mushroom broth, or corn tea. The iPad menus have scant En…