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Shēnzhèn Bǎo'ān International Airport

Shēnzhèn Bǎo'ān International Airport has daily flights to all major destinations in China and direct flights further afield to SE Asia, Australia and Europe.

Transport Options

Around 30km northwest of the city centre, Shēnzhèn’s airport is connected by two metro lines, 1 and 11. It takes 70 minutes to get to Luóhú for Shēnzhèn railway station or the crossing into Hong Kong (¥9).

There are around 10 airport buses connecting various parts of Shēnzhèn. Airport bus Line 2 goes to Shēnzhèn railway station/Luóhú border crossing (¥20, one hour, every 15 minutes, 6.30am to 10pm).

A taxi to the airport from Luóhú district should cost ¥200.

You can also take a boat from Shēnzhèn Airport's Fúyǒng ferry terminal to Hong Kong and Macau.


Shékǒu Port has regular boat services to Hong Kong and Macau (take subway line 2 to Shékǒu Port then catch the free shuttle bus).

Hong Kong International Airport ¥270, 30 minutes, 14 daily (7.15am to 9pm).

Hong Kong–Macau Ferry Terminal, Central ¥120, one hour, nine daily (7.45am to 7.15pm, starts 9am on weekends).

To Macau:

Macau Maritime Ferry Terminal ¥210 one hour, 13 daily (8am to 7.45pm).

Taipa Temporary Ferry Terminal ¥210, one hour, nine daily (9.15am to 9pm).

To Zhūhǎi:

Jiǔzhōu Port ¥120, one hour, every 30 minutes (7.30am to 9.30pm).

You can also catch a ferry at Shēnzhèn Airport's Fúyǒng ferry terminal to Hong Kong and Macau.

Macau Maritime Ferry Terminal ¥196, 80 minutes, six daily (8.45am to 5.30pm).

Sky Pier, Hong Kong International Airport ¥295, 40 minutes, four daily (8.35am, 10.15am, 1.15pm and 5pm).


Buses depart to Guǎngzhōu every 20 minutes from Luóhú bus station (¥50 to ¥70, two hours, 7am to 10pm). You can also reach other Guǎngdōng cities from here, including Dōngguǎn, Zhōngshān, Cháozhōu and Shàntóu.

For more buses to more distant destinations across China, head to Shēnzhèn's Yinhu Bus Station.


Dozens of high-speed trains per shuttle between Shēnzhèn's Fútián and North stations, and Hong Kong West Kowloon rail terminus; you pass through mainland border and customs control before departure on both ends and don't have to get off the train when crossing the border. The first high-speed train to West Kowloon departs Shēnzhèn North at 6.44am, the last at 10.36pm.One-way second-class tickets cost ¥75.

You can also catch the new high-speed line in the other direction to Guǎngzhōu South depart from Shēnzhèn North.

Shēnzhèn's metro also meets Hong Kong's Mass Transit Railway (MTR) at Luóhú (Line 1) and Futian Checkpoint (Line 4). Passengers have to disembark and cross border control on foot.

Normal intercity services to Guǎngzhōu depart from Shēnzhèn train station (¥80, one hour, 20 minutes); Fútián train station (¥80, 50 minutes); and Shēnzhèn North station (¥75, 30 minutes).