Top Choice Arts Centre in Shēnzhèn


The sprawling OCT-LOFT complex, converted from fashionably austere communist-era factories, is one of the best places to see contemporary art in Shēnzhèn, and makes for a wonderful (if ever-more commercial) browse-a…
Top Choice Village in Shēnzhèn

Guānlán Original Printmaking Base

At this 300-year-old village, rows of quaint black-and-white houses exuding a modest, functional elegance unique to Hakka architecture are occupied by the workshops and galleries of printmaking artists from China an…
Museum in Shēnzhèn

Shēnzhèn Museum

The hulking Shēnzhèn Museum provides a solid introduction to Shēnzhèn's short yet dynamic history of social transformation, both before and after the implementation of Deng Xiaoping’s policies of reform. Highlights …
Museum in Shēnzhèn

Old Shēnzhèn Museum

Theold Shēnzhèn Museumin Litchi Park (Lìzhī Gōngyuán) has been converted into a museum of ancient arts that has mildly interesting displays of some 20,000 jade, porcelain and bronze artefacts.
Gallery in Shēnzhèn

Hé Xiāngníng Art Gallery

The esoteric permanent collection here features Japanese-influenced Chinese water paintings by Hé Xiāngníng (1878–1972), the late master of modern Chinese art and well-known revolutionary. These are complemented by …
Gallery in Shēnzhèn

OCT Art & Design Gallery

The bare interiors of this former warehouse are filled with the works of excellent mainland and international graphic designers. Exhibits change frequently. It's a glass-encased steel structure adjacent to Hé Xiāngn…
Amusement Park in Shēnzhèn

Window of the World

Just a few minutes' walk from the OCT Art & Design Gallery is a series of dated theme parks that are always packed with snap-happy Chinese tourists. They're fun destinations for a family day out. Window of the W…
Amusement Park in Shēnzhèn

Splendid China

Home to miniature replicas of China's famous sights. Included in the admission is China Folk Culture Village, which has two dozen faux minority villages complete with minority-culture demonstrations. A mini-monorail…
Park in Shēnzhèn

China Folk Culture Village

Featuring two dozen faux minority villages complete with minority-culture demonstrations, China Folk Culture Village is linked by a mini-monorail run by the Shenzhen Happy Line Tour Co to Splendid China and Window o…
Amusement Park in Shēnzhèn

OCT East

Some 20km east of downtown Shēnzhèn is OCT East, an upmarket theme-park-meets-resort. Think Universal Studios plus Chinese Disneyland, with a mock Swiss village, a golf complex, a scenic tea valley and luxury hotels…