Top things to do in Shenyang

Top Choice Historic Site in Shenyang

Shěnyáng Imperial Palace

This impressive palace complex resembles a small-scale Forbidden City. Constructed between 1625 and 1636 by Manchu emperor Nurhachi (1559–1626) and his son, Huang Taiji, the palace served as the residence of the Qin…
Top Choice Historic Site in Shenyang

North Tomb

One of Shěnyáng's highlights is this extensive tomb complex, the burial place of Huang Taiji (1592–1643), founder of the Qing dynasty. The tomb’s animal statues lead up to the central mound known as the Luminous Tom…
Top Choice Hotpot in Shenyang

Měijīn Hotpot

This popular hotpot chain teems with the energy of dozens of diners chowing down on everything from vegies to meat and noodles. Friendly staff can help explain ingredients on the incredibly diverse English menu.
Dumplings in Shenyang

Lǎobiān Dumplings

Shěnyáng’s most famous restaurant has been packing in the locals since 1829. It might be resting on its laurels a little, but punters continue to flock here for the boiled, steamed and fried dumplings in an array of…
Vegetarian in Shenyang

View & World Vegetarian Restaurant

Peking duck and meatballs are on the menu here, but there won’t be any actual meat on your plate. Everything is meat-free at this classy nearly vegan paradise, which claims to be the only non-MSG restaurant in all o…
Bar in Shenyang


A rarity in Shenyang: a cafe/bar with real personality. The homely vintage design and friendly English-speaking staff draw a youthful crowd for good cocktails, wine, local and imported beers, coffee, and a Chinese t…
Park in Shenyang

Běilíng Park

With its pine trees and large lake, this park is an excellent place to escape Shěnyáng’s hubbub. Locals come here to promenade, sing or just kick back with their families. Beiling Gongyuan metro station is directly …
Korean in Shenyang

Korea Town

The streets around a pagoda here are filled with neon and Korean restaurants. It's a busy, fun place that can be as much about drinking soju and beer with friends as eating. Some expensive North Korean restaurants f…
Museum in Shenyang

18 September History Museum

There’s an obvious propagandic purpose to this museum, but the hundreds of photographs, sculptures, paintings and dioramas recreates a picture of China under Japanese rule. English captions are limited. Bus 325 from…
Bar in Shenyang


This long-running atmospheric pub is especially popular with expats and has a decent imported beer selection and the usual pub grub. Take Exit B of Nan Shichang Station, cross the road and head up the side street 15…