Shenyang restaurants

Top Choice Hotpot in Shenyang

Měijīn Hotpot

This popular hotpot chain teems with the energy of dozens of diners chowing down on everything from vegies to meat and noodles. Friendly staff can help explain ingredients on the incredibly diverse English menu.
Dumplings in Shenyang

Lǎobiān Dumplings

Shěnyáng’s most famous restaurant has been packing in the locals since 1829. It might be resting on its laurels a little, but punters continue to flock here for the boiled, steamed and fried dumplings in an array of…
Vegetarian in Shenyang

View & World Vegetarian Restaurant

Peking duck and meatballs are on the menu here, but there won’t be any actual meat on your plate. Everything is meat-free at this classy nearly vegan paradise, which claims to be the only non-MSG restaurant in all o…
Korean in Shenyang

Korea Town

The streets around a pagoda here are filled with neon and Korean restaurants. It's a busy, fun place that can be as much about drinking soju and beer with friends as eating. Some expensive North Korean restaurants f…
Barbecue in Shenyang

Báiyù Chuànchéng

It's hard not to get into the whole experience of charcoal grilling your own skewers of juicy meat and veg right at your table. All the meats, seafood and tofu are here for your choosing.
Supermarket in Shenyang

Carrefour Supermarket

You can pack a picnic for your travels here or grab a quick bite from the decent food court. Beside the long-distance bus station.