Top things to do in Shaxi

Top Choice Italian in Shaxi

Hungry Buddha

The most sophisticated eatery in town, and one of the most notable in all Yúnnán, with a mouth-watering, all-vegetarian menu utilising locally produced ingredients. Great homemade cheese, pasta and pizza, as well as…
Buddhist Temple in Shaxi

Xìngjiào Sì

The only surviving Ming dynasty Bai Buddhist temple, this small but well-preserved shrine features five golden Buddhas that people come from far and wide to see. The temple served as a government office during the C…
House in Shaxi

Ōuyáng Courtyard

Constructed in the late Qing dynasty, this courtyard home is a superb example of three-in-one Bai folk architecture in which one wall protected three yards/residences. Sadly, most of it is currently closed to the pu…
Notable Building in Shaxi

Three Terraced Pavilion

This pavilion is notable for its prominent theatrical stage (古戏台; gǔxìtái), a real rarity in rural Yúnnán: check out the dragon and phoenix ceiling mural. There is a small museum here, ask the staff at Xìngjiào temp…
Yunnan in Shaxi

Lóngfèng Ruìyīng Qīngzhēn Fànguǎn

Excellent Huí-run restaurant on Shāxī's 'main' street. It's good for a noodle breakfast, or dinner. Try the gānbā (dried beef) or zàn shuǐ kǔ cài, a spinachlike vegetable that comes with a spicy dipping sauce. To fi…
Yunnan in Shaxi

Orange Restaurant

On the corner of the village square, this courtyard restaurant attracts both domestic and foreign travellers with its authentic range of Bai dishes – you can get them MSG-free – as well as Yúnnán-wide fare.