Shāxī attractions

Buddhist Temple in Shāxī

Xìngjiào Sì

The only surviving Ming dynasty Bai Buddhist temple, this small but well-preserved shrine features five golden Buddhas that people come from far and wide to see. The temple served as a government office during the C…
House in Shāxī

Ōuyáng Courtyard

Constructed in the late Qing dynasty, this courtyard home is a superb example of three-in-one Bai folk architecture in which one wall protected three yards/residences. Sadly, most of it is currently closed to the pu…
Notable Building in Shāxī

Three Terraced Pavilion

This pavilion is notable for its prominent theatrical stage (古戏台; gǔxìtái), a real rarity in rural Yúnnán: check out the dragon and phoenix ceiling mural. There is a small museum here, ask the staff at Xìngjiào temp…