Top things to do in Shaoxing

Top Choice Zhejiang in Shaoxing

Xiánhēng Jiǔdiàn

Xiánhēng Jiǔdiàn is a fantastic, if touristy, place to sample local food and drink. Dishes include dried broad beans stewed in fennel water (茴香豆; huíxiāng dòu) and 'drunk' river crab (醉蟹; zuì xiè) that has been pick…
Historic Building in Shaoxing

Lǔxùn Native Place

This cobblestone pedestrian stretch is home to several sights relating to Lu Xun (1881-1936), China’s first great modern novelist, who lived here until he went abroad to study. The most interesting of the bunch is t…
Desserts in Shaoxing

Gāo Lǎotài Nǎiyóu Xiǎopān

Shàoxīng's custard tarts are different from the ones you find in Shànghǎi or Macau, with thin crisp shells, the lightest of custard and wispy caps of meringue. Get 'em to go from this tiny stand.
Bridge in Shaoxing

Bāzǐ Bridge

Shrouded in ivy and shaped like the character for lucky number eight (八; bā), this 900-year-old stone bridge is Shàoxīng's most famous.
Street in Shaoxing

Cāngqiáo Street

A restored stretch of old shophouses, several of which now house cafes.