Shàoxīng activities, tickets and more

Cultural & Theme Tours

Day Trip to Shaoxing from Hangzhou

Spend a day relaxing in the city of Shaoxing on this 8-hour guided tour from Hangzhou. Set sail on a Chinese Wupeng boat to discover more about the Shen Garden and why it is known as a symbol of love. Learn about the Chinese art of calligraphy at the Lanting Orchid Pavillion , and enjoy lunch at a local restaurant.
8 hours
Cultural & Theme Tours

Shaoxing Ancient Town One Day Tour

Shaoxing is a water town, famous for its traditional Chinese bridges, boats, architectures, yellow wine and a huge number of textile and cloth factories and production. This one day tour will take you to appreciate the greatly attractive ancient towns of Shaoxing. Take a boat cruise along the towns, then enjoy the superb local lunch. After that, the tour will proceed to Shen Garden and Lan Pavilion, both places are well known cultural relics in Chinese history.
9 hours
Day Trips & Excursions

Shaoxing Water Town Full-Day Tour from Hangzhou

Spend a day relaxing in the serene water town of Shaoxing. Board a Chinese Wupeng boat and explore the town’s charming canals and arched bridges as you admire Shaoxing’s highlights from the water. With your expert guide, discover why Shen Garden is known as a symbol of love in Shaoxing, observe Chinese artists performing the exquisite art of calligraphy at the Lanting Orchid Pavilion, and soak in the gorgeous surrounding scenery.
8 hours
Private & Custom Tours

Private One Day Hangzhou to Shaoxing Tour with Lu Town

Shaoxing is a well-known water town where is the hometown of the famous Shaoxing Rice Wine and Lu Town. Discover the town in a special way with your private tour guide and driver, see the local people's style of living and learn more about Luxun, who is a greater writer in China and his former residence. Soak up the aquatic city's charming scenery by walking the street, pay a visit to China Yellow Rice-Wine Museum to know the history and culture and the process from rice into the wine.
8 hours