Shanxi drinking and nightlife

Cafe in Pingyao

Coffee by Shrew

Behind its green doors is a cute-as-pie, blink-and-you'll-miss-it cafe serving some of Píngyáo's best espresso, lattes and single-origin brews in a warm setting lined with bookshelves and cosy seats. Come night-time…
Bar in Datong

Old Town Alley Bar

Under an arch past the large square to the east of Huáyán Temple, you'll spot this bar on the corner of one of the new 'old town' structures. Inside is pleasant and low-key, with sheltered booths and a basic menu of…
Bar in Pingyao

Cozy Bar

This friendly bar down towards the south end of Nan Dajie is a good choice, with an English-speaking owner and a relaxing ambience, with comfy sofas, The Rolling Stones banners and singers on Friday and Saturday.