Drinking and nightlife in Shanxi

  • Top ChoiceNightlife in Datong

    Gym Bar

    One of the few quiet, laid-back bars in Datong, you won't find guests singing or playing drinking games here, just an adorable black dog, her friendly owner and Victoria's Secret fashion shows playing on a loop. You can choose from an entire wall of craft beers, including European and American brews, plus Chinese brands. Just help yourself.

  • Nightlife in Pingyao

    Chichi Coffee

    Behind its green doors is a cute-as-pie, blink-and-you'll-miss-it cafe serving some of Pingyao's best espresso, lattes and single-origin brews in a warm setting lined with bookshelves and cosy seats. Come night-time, swap caffeine for simple cocktails and start a conversation with the Fujianese owner Shrew. There are rooms too – they're not at this address, but Shrew can take you there.

  • Nightlife in Datong

    Studio de Coffee

    As you make your way south towards Pipa Hostel from Qingyuan St, you'll pass this corner cafe and art studio with a large window. The owners are qualified baristas and they make a good cup of joe. There are also Datong-themed T-shirts and souvenirs for sale.

  • Nightlife in Pingyao

    Cozy Bar

    This friendly bar down towards the south end of Nan Dajie is a good choice, with an English-speaking owner and comfy sofas. The atmosphere is relaxing as this is one of very few bars around without flashing lights and loud music.