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Top Choice Walls in Shanhaiguan

Jiǎo Shān Great Wall

Although a heavily restored section of the Great Wall, Jiǎo Shān nevertheless offers an excellent opportunity to hike up the Wall’s first high peak – a telling vantage point over the narrow tongue of land below and …
Walls in Shanhaiguan

Jiǔménkǒu Great Wall

In a mountain valley 15km north of Shānhǎiguān stretches the only section of the Great Wall ever built over water. Normally the Wall stopped at rivers, as they were considered natural defence barriers on their own. …
Historic Site in Shanhaiguan

First Pass Under Heaven

The Great Wall's main gate as it snaked down the mountains and to the sea, the First Pass served as Shānhǎiguān's east gate and principal watchtower. Two storeys tall, with double eaves and 68 arrow-slit windows, it…
Historic Site in Shanhaiguan

Old Dragon Head

Famous across China (although a little overhyped if we're being honest), Old Dragon Head, 4km south of Shānhǎiguān, is where the Great Wall meets the sea. It's photogenic for sure, but bear in mind that what you see…
Museum in Shanhaiguan

Great Wall Museum

This impressive museum provides a thorough chronological history of the Wall, going into architectural features and including interesting scale models of the walled town and surrounding Great Wall locations. Plenty …
Temple in Shanhaiguan

Mèngjiāng Nǚ Temple

A well-known Song Ming reconstruction, this temple is dedicated to Lady Meng. Based on a famous Chinese folk tale, Meng Jiang’s husband was press-ganged into wall-building because his views conflicted with those of …
Taoist Temple in Shanhaiguan

Sānqīng Temple

This simple Taoist temple is a 0.8km walk outside the walls from the west gate. You might have to wake up the avuncular attendant to let you in; if you do, he'll point out a gnarled tree between the halls claimed to…
Historic Building in Shanhaiguan

Wang Family Courtyard House

The Wang Family Courtyard House is a large, 18th-century hútòng-style residence faced by a spirit wall. Inside is an amateur display of period furnishings.
Museum in Shanhaiguan

Zǒng Bīng Fǔ

This large, re-created military compound was designed to give a sense of what life was like for soldiers guarding Shānhǎiguān's Wall. Unfortunately, the end result is very half-baked, with no explanations, a few rus…