Top things to do

Top Choice Bar in Shangri-la


Re-located since the 2014 fire, The Raven remains the best bar in town (and in northwest Yúnnán) with a huge range of beers and spirits. There's a big bar counter to sit around, sofas to sink into, New York–style pi…
Top Choice Tibetan in Shangri-la

The Silent Holy Stones

Re-opened after the 2014 fire in a new location and still a favourite spot for local Tibetans, this relaxed and welcoming place specialises in yak meat hotpots (from ¥148). Great mómo (馍馍, Tibetan dumplings) too, wh…
Monastery in Shangri-la

Ganden Sumtseling Gompa

About an hour’s walk north of town is this 300-year-old Tibetan monastery complex with around 600 monks. Extensive rebuilding has robbed the monastery of some of its charm, but it remains the most important in south…
Tibetan in Shangri-la

Tara Gallery Café & Bar

This upmarket restaurant, bar and cafe (and art gallery) is a tasteful, thoughtfully designed space, and includes a plant-filled second-floor terrace. The menu is a tantalising mix of Tibetan, Indian and Yúnnán dish…
Bridge in Shangri-la

Tiānshēng Bridge

Approximately 15km southeast of Shangri-la is the Tiānshēng Bridge. Local Tibetans believe that the sulphur-rich water can cure any number of skin ailments and other health issues. There is a co-ed swimming pool and…
Western in Shangri-la


Bustling spot for a fine breakfast, and a popular hangout for Western travellers. Salads, steaks, pasta and pizzas are all available, as well as a few generic Asian dishes. Great cakes and coffee and non-smoking too…
Arts & Crafts in Shangri-la


Wide array of Tibetan handicrafts made by Tibetans in Tibet but designed for Western tastes – includes bags, cushions, toys and ornaments.
Tibetan in Shangri-la


Reliable, long-standing, family-run restaurant. The dishes are a mix of Tibetan, Indian and Chinese. It's down a little alley just off Beimen Jie: look for the sign pointing the way.
Tibetan in Shangri-la


Excellent joint for Tibetan eats, even if it is somewhat lacking in atmosphere – and always busy with locals. The house specialty is yak meat hotpot, and they do a small version for two people (¥88), but the mómo (馍…
Western Chinese in Shangri-la

Noah's Cafe

It has been around a while in various guises, but Noah's remains a sound spot for their all-day breakfast (from ¥35) and is popular with the locals for its mix of Western and Chinese dishes. Decent coffee and their …