Top things to do in Shangri-la

Top Choice Bar in Shangri-la


Relocated since the 2014 fire, the Raven remains the best bar in town (and in northwest Yúnnán), with a huge range of beers and spirits. There's a big bar counter to sit around, sofas to sink into, New York–style pi…
Top Choice Tibetan in Shangri-la

Silent Holy Stones

Re-opened after the 2014 fire in a new location and still a favourite spot for local Tibetans, this relaxed and welcoming place specialises in yak meat hotpots (from ¥148). Great mómo (馍馍, Tibetan dumplings) too, wh…
Lake in Shangri-la

Emerald Pagoda Lake

Also known as Pǔdácuò (普达错), a Mandarinised-version of its Tibetan name, Emerald Pagoda lake is 25km east of Shangri-la. The bus to Sānbà can drop you along the highway. From there, it's 8km down a trail (a half-hou…
Monastery in Shangri-la

Ganden Sumtseling Gompa

About an hour’s walk north of town is this 300-year-old Tibetan monastery complex with around 600 monks. Extensive rebuilding has robbed the monastery of some of its charm, but it remains the most important in south…
Tibetan in Shangri-la


Excellent joint for Tibetan eats, even if it is somewhat lacking in atmosphere – and always busy with locals. The house speciality is yak meat hotpot, and they do a small version for two people (¥88), but the mómo (…
International in Shangri-la


Bustling spot for a fine breakfast, and a popular hang-out for Western travellers. Salads, steaks, pasta and pizzas are all available, as well as a few generic Asian dishes. Great cakes and coffee and nonsmoking too…
Historic Site in Shangri-la

Zhùangjīn Tǒng

This huge prayer wheel stands at 21m high and contains 100,000 small prayer wheels. At least six people are needed to make it spin.
Historic Site in Shangri-la

Shangri-la Old Town

A few streets survived the January 2014 fire that reduced most of the old town to ashes, and these retain the mix of cobbled lanes and renovated wooden buildings that characterised Shangri-la's old town. Now, they h…
Bridge in Shangri-la

Tiānshēng Bridge

Approximately 15km southeast of Shangri-la is the Tiānshēng Bridge. Local Tibetans believe that the sulphur-rich water can cure any number of skin ailments and other health issues. There is a co-ed swimming pool and…
Tibetan in Shangri-la

Tara Gallery Café & Bar

This upmarket restaurant, bar and cafe (and art gallery) is a tasteful, thoughtfully designed space, and includes a plant-filled second-floor terrace. The menu is a tantalising mix of Tibetan, Indian and Yúnnán dish…