Shangri-la Old Town

Historic Site in Shangri-la

A few streets survived the January 2014 fire that reduced most of the old town to ashes, and these retain the mix of cobbled lanes and renovated wooden buildings that characterised Shangri-la's old town. Now, they have been joined by new 'old' wooden buildings that imitate them. Worth a visit is Guīshān Sì, which is home to a handful of monks who conduct morning prayers.

Next to it is Zhùangjīn Tǒng. On the far side of Guīshān Sì is the Shangri-la Thangka Academy, where young monks train in painting and Buddhist philosophy. The academy also offers classes for tourists, costing ¥100 per day, or you can stay at the academy to study for ¥200, including room and board.