Airport in Shanghai

Hóngqiáo International Airport

Hóngqiáo International Airport, 18km west of the Bund, has two terminals: the older and less-used Terminal 1 (east terminal; halls A and B), and the new and sophisticated Terminal 2 (west terminal; attached to Shàng…
Bus in Jing'an

Shànghǎi Long-Distance Bus Station

Although it appears close to Shànghǎi Railway Station, the vast Shànghǎi Long-Distance Bus Station is a pain to get to, but has buses to everywhere, including regular buses to Sūzhōu (¥38, two hours) and Hángzhōu (¥…
Train Station in Jing'an

Shànghǎi Railway Station

The vast, hectic and sprawling Shànghǎi Railway Station, located in the north of town, is easily reached by metro lines 1, 4 and 3 and has G-class, D-class and express trains to Běijīng (¥309, three daily), Hángzhōu…
Bus Station in Xujiahui & South Shanghai

Shànghǎi South Long-Distance Bus Station

The huge Shànghǎi South Long-Distance Bus Station has buses largely to destinations in south China. Destinations include Sūzhōu (苏州; ¥38, very frequent from 6.33am to 10.47pm), Nánjīng (南京; ¥96, four per day from 9.…
Tickets in Jing'an

Shànghǎi Railway Station Ticket Office

The main train ticket office at Shànghǎi Railway Station for over-the-counter tickets (foreigners cannot use the automated ticket machines). Counter 3 has an English-speaking service. There's also an office at the n…
Airport in Pudong

Pǔdōng International Airport

Pǔdōng International Airport is located 30km southeast of Shànghǎi, near the East China Sea. Most visitors arrive in Shànghǎi at this airport. Departures are on the upper level and arrivals are on the lower level, w…
Train Station in Shanghai

Shànghǎi Hóngqiáo Railway Station

The new and sophisticated Shànghǎi Hóngqiáo Railway Station is Asia's largest train station. It is located at the western end of metro line 10 and on line 2, near Hóngqiáo International Airport. It's the terminus fo…
Ferry in Pudong

Ferry Dock

Ferries across the river to the Cool Docks in the South Bund area on the Dōngfù Xiàn ferry (东复线; ¥2, every 10 to 20 minutes from 5am to 11pm) from Dongchang Rd dock to the Fuxing Rd dock. For the Old Town and the Bu…
Ferry in Hongkou & North Shanghai

Shanghai Port International Cruise Terminal

Located north of the Bund and mostly serves cruise ships. A few international passenger routes serve Shanghai, with reservations recommended in July and August. Passengers must be at the harbour three hours before d…
Train Station in Xujiahui & South Shanghai

Shànghǎi South Railway Station

Modern Shànghǎi South Railway Station is easily accessed on metro lines 1 and 3. It has trains largely to southern and southwestern destinations including Guìlín (¥190, four daily) and Hángzhōu (¥29, frequent).