Bus in Jìng’ān

Shànghǎi Long-Distance Bus Station

Although it appears close to Shànghǎi Railway Station, the vast Shànghǎi Long-Distance Bus Station is a pain to get to, but has buses to everywhere, including regular buses to Sūzhōu (¥38, two hours) and Hángzhōu (¥…
Train Station in Jìng’ān

Shànghǎi Railway Station

The vast, hectic and sprawling Shànghǎi Railway Station, located in the north of town, is easily reached by metro lines 1, 4 and 3 and has G-class, D-class and express trains to Běijīng (¥309, three daily), Hángzhōu…
Tickets in Jìng’ān

Shànghǎi Railway Station Ticket Office

The main train ticket office at Shànghǎi Railway Station for over-the-counter tickets (foreigners cannot use the automated ticket machines). Counter 3 has an English-speaking service. There's also an office at the n…
Bus in Jìng’ān

Bus 5 to Pǔdōng International Airport

Buses depart Shànghǎi Railway Station to Pǔdōng International Airport (¥32, one hour) every 30 minutes from 5.10am to 9.30pm. The stop is outside McDonalds opposite the station.
Tickets in Jìng’ān

Advance Train Ticket Office

If you can't handle the queues at Shànghǎi Railway Station, this small office under the bridge a short walk west is very useful. No English, however.
Bus in Jìng’ān

Bus 941 to Hóngqiáo Airport

Bus to Hóngqiáo International Airport (¥6) from Shànghǎi Railway Station from 5.30am to 10.30pm.
Tickets in Jìng’ān

Jìng'ān Train Ticket Office

Useful train ticket office, located northwest of Jìng'ān Temple.
Taxi in Jìng’ān

Taxi Rank

Taxis from Shànghǎi Railway Station into (or out of) town.