Shanghai restaurants

Top Choice Gastronomy in The Bund & People's Square


You’ve probably paired food and wine before, but what about coupling an illuminated apple-wasabi communion wafer with purple candles and a specially designed cathedral scent? Welcome to China’s most conceptual dinin…
Top Choice Tapas in Jing'an

Commune Social

A venture by UK celebrity chef Jason Atherton, this natty Neri & Hu–designed restaurant blends a stylish, yet relaxed, vibe with sensational tasting dishes, exquisitely presented by chef Scott Melvin. It's divid…
Top Choice Vegetarian in West Shanghai

Fú Hé Huì

The most recent venture from owner Fang Yuan and chef Tony Lu, the Shànghǎi team behind Fu 1015, Fu 1088 and Fu 1039, this is the standout in an amazing bunch. Set in an elegant private room, the strictly vegetarian…
Top Choice Dumplings in Jing'an

Yang's Fry Dumplings

A much-too-small outlet of this famous dumpling-house chain, specialising in delicious pork and prawn shēngjiān. Pass your receipt to the kitchen to collect your dumplings.
Top Choice Hunanese in French Concession

Dī Shuǐ Dòng

Until the chilled lagers arrive, the faint breeze from the spreading of the blue-and-white tablecloth by your waiter may be the last cooling sensation at Dī Shuǐ Dòng, a rustic upstairs shrine to the volcanic cuisin…
Top Choice Hunanese in Hongkou & North Shanghai


The cool lime-green tablecloths do little to tame the tempestuous flavours of this fantastic Húnán restaurant. The tiěbǎn dòufu (铁板豆腐; sizzling tofu platter) here is a magnificent dish, but its fiery flavours are al…
Top Choice Sichuan in French Concession

Sìchuān Citizen

The subdued evening lighting and welcoming service concocts a warm and homely atmosphere at this popular outpost of Sìchuān cuisine in Shànghǎi. The extensive photo menu is foreigner friendly and includes a sizeable…
Top Choice Hotpot in Jing'an

Hǎi Dǐ Lāo

This Sichuanese hotpot restaurant is all about service, and the assault begins the minute you walk in the door. Pre-dining options include complimentary shoeshines, manicures and trays of fresh fruit; once you’ve ac…
Top Choice Dumplings in The Bund & People's Square

Yang’s Fry Dumplings

The city’s most famous place for sesame-seed-and-scallion-coated shēngjiān (生煎; fried dumplings) gets nil points for decor or service, but queues can stretch to the horizon as eager diners wait for scalding shēngjiā…
Top Choice Yunnan in French Concession

Lost Heaven

Located on a quiet street in Shànghǎi’s most desirable neighbourhood, Lost Heaven is stylish and atmospheric with subdued red lighting and a giant Buddha dominating the main dining area. The Yúnnán food is delicatel…