Top Choice Hunanese in Hóngkǒu & North Shànghǎi


The cool lime-green tablecloths do little to tame the tempestuous flavours of this fantastic Húnán restaurant. The tiěbǎn dòufu (铁板豆腐; sizzling tofu platter) here is a magnificent dish, but its fiery flavours are al…
Peking Duck in Hóngkǒu & North Shànghǎi


Although definitive Běijīng kǎoyā (Peking duck) really needs to be flamed up within quacking distance of the Forbidden City, Shànghǎi’s best roast-duck experience imports all the necessary ingredients (including che…
Dumplings in Hóngkǒu & North Shànghǎi

Yang's Fry Dumplings

Hoover up Yang’s signature, time-honoured and much-applauded fried shēngjiān dumplings at this branch in the Cloud Nine shopping mall (level B2). Order per liǎng (两; four dumplings; ¥6). If the dining area is full, …