Shànghǎi may not top most kids’ holiday wish lists, but that may change with the new Shànghǎi Disney Resort park in Pǔdōng now adding a must-see attraction to the city. There are also several other Shànghǎi sights to keep the family entertained.

Need to Know

Admission In general, 1.4m (4ft 7in) is the cut-off height for children’s tickets. Children under 0.8m (2ft 7in) normally get in for free.

Schedule Holidays and weekends naturally see traffic peak, but in China ‘crowded’ takes on a new meaning. Try to schedule visits for weekdays if possible.

Info For more information on events and activities, see That’s Shanghai ( or City Weekend (

Acrobatics Shows

An evening with the acrobats – either at Shànghǎi Circus World or the Shànghǎi Centre Theatre – will certainly keep most kids (and adults) entertained, with plate spinning, contortionism and even daredevil motorcycle feats performed to Star Wars theme music.

Observation Decks

Zipping to the top of a Pǔdōng skyscraper for a bird’s-eye view of the city is one of Shànghǎi’s top draws. The Shànghǎi Tower, Shànghǎi World Financial Center, Jīnmào Tower and Oriental Pearl TV Tower can all get you up into the cumulus.


You might want to save this trip for your first or last day in Shànghǎi, heading from or to Pǔdōng International Airport, but a trip on the hovering Maglev train is thrilling (for all ages).


  • Shànghǎi Natural History Museum

Kids will love this new-look museum with its dinosaur fossils, taxidermied animals, live reptiles and butterfly house.

  • Shànghǎi History Museum

Waxworks and interactive exhibits make this museum a fun day out for everyone.

  • Shànghǎi Science & Technology Museum

There are loads of things for kids to explore at this museum, from volcano and space exhibits to sports activities and robots that can solve Rubik’s cubes before your eyes. It also has IMAX and 4D theatres.

Amusement & Water Parks

  • Shànghǎi Disneyland

Set to suck in Chinese tots and young kids nationwide, this is mainland China's first Disney Resort. Expect epic queues.

  • Legoland Discovery Centre

Until the actual Legoland hits the city (plans are in the works), this discovery centre will keep little Lego fans satisfied. Learn Lego building skills and check out mini Shànghǎi Land made from millions of Lego pieces.

  • Happy Valley

An amusement park with scores of roller coasters, dive machines and other heart-thumping rides, plus mellower attractions for younger kids and a water park.

  • Dino Beach

This water park boasts Asia’s largest wave pool and is a fun-filled way to beat the summer heat.