Shànghǎi has about a dozen or so rather useless Tourist Information & Service Centres (旅游咨询服务中心; Lǚyóu Zīxún Fúwù Zhōngxīn) where you can at least get free maps and (sometimes) information. Locations include:

More Information

For competent English-language help, call the Shànghǎi Call Centre, a free 24-hour English-language hotline that can respond to cultural, entertainment or transport enquiries (and even provide directions for your cab driver).

Other branches of tourist information offices:

The Bund Beneath the Bund promenade, opposite the intersection with East Nanjing Rd.

French Concession


Old Town Southwest of Yùyuán Gardens.


The Tourist Hotline offers a limited English-language service.