Opening Hours

Businesses in China close for the week-long Chinese New Year (usually in February) and National Day (beginning 1 October).

Bank of China Branches 9.30am–11.30am and 1.30–4.30pm Monday to Friday. Some also open Saturday and Sunday. Most have 24-hour ATMs.

Bars Around 5pm–2am (some open in the morning).

China Post Most major offices 8.30am–6pm daily; sometimes open until 10pm. Local branches closed weekends.

Museums Most open weekends; a few close Monday. Ticket sales usually stop 30 or 60 minutes before closing.

Offices and Government Departments Generally 9am–noon and 2–4.30pm Monday to Friday.

Restaurants Most 11am–10pm or later; some 10am–2.30pm and 5–11pm or later.

Shops Malls and department stores generally 10am–10pm.