The Bund Walk the promenade for views of Pǔdōng’s soaring skyline on one side and concession-era magnificence on the other.

Shànghǎi Tower The world’s highest observation deck in Shànghǎi's tallest tower.

Flair An outdoor terrace gives this sky-high Pǔdōng bar the wow factor.

Oriental Pearl TV Tower Brave the glass-bottomed floor for staggering views.

JW Marriott Tomorrow Square Zip aloft to the 38th-floor lobby for stupendous vistas over People’s Square.

Cloud 9 This cool bar at the top of the Jīnmào Tower is a great alternative to the observation decks.

West Lake Hángzhōu’s main attraction is the very definition of classical beauty in China.

Modern Architecture

Shànghǎi Tower Adding a glass twist to the Pǔdōng skyline, this 632m-high skyscraper is a breathtaking colossus.

Tomorrow Square The People’s Square supertower could easily double as the headquarters for a sci-fi corporation.

Jīnmào Tower No longer the tallest, but still one of the city’s most graceful buildings.

China Art Museum The upturned red pyramid was the symbol of the 2010 World Expo.

Oriental Art Center Way out in Pǔdōng, this classical-music venue was designed to resemble the five petals of a butterfly orchid.

Shànghǎi Grand Theatre The curving eaves of this theatre recall traditional Chinese architectural design.

Oriental Pearl TV Tower Not so subtle perhaps, but this poured-concrete tripod remains a Shànghǎi icon.

Boutique Shopping

Spin Imaginative ceramics from a new generation of designers.

Dòng Liáng Hip threads from some of the best local designers.

Brocade Country Jewellery, clothing and handicrafts from the Miao of Guìzhōu province.

Annabel Lee An elegant shop that specialises in embroidery and sells accessories in silk, linen and cashmere.

OOAK Concept Boutique Three small floors of inspiring jewellery and good-looking clothing designs for women.

Lolo Love Vintage For all your vintage needs.

Culture Matters Come here to pick up the latest canvas-shoe styles.

Chouchou Chic Kids’ clothes from a joint French-Chinese brand.

Urban Tribe Local fashion label inspired by the ethnic groups of China and Southeast Asia.

Street Food

Qībǎo Sample barbecued squid or indulge in sweet dumplings: Qībǎo corners the market for Shànghǎi street food.

Yunnan Road Food Street One of the best strips for unpretentious regional Chinese restaurants.

Wujiang Road Food Street The most modern snack street in the city, with Japanese and Korean options too.

Huanghe Road Food Street Near People’s Park, this strip has some big traditional restaurants, but it’s most famous for its dumplings.

Yùyuán Bazaar It’s crowded and overpriced, but famous spots such as Nánxiáng Steamed Bun Restaurant make it a can’t-miss option.

Art Deco Architecture

Fairmont Peace Hotel Built as the legendary Cathay Hotel, this is the best surviving example of art deco style in Shànghǎi.

Rockbund Art Museum Straight from the deco textbook, with some Chinese ingredients.

Park Hotel The tallest building in Shànghǎi until the 1980s and an early inspiration for IM Pei.

Embankment Building An art deco landmark now housing rental holiday apartments.

Art Deco Artsy boutique in the M50 complex containing a trove of period furnishings.

Cathay Theatre Catch a movie in this original 1930s French Concession theatre.

Broadway Mansions A classic 1934 apartment block north of Sūzhōu Creek that today houses a deco-style hotel.

Art Galleries & Art Museums

M50 Former manufacturing space now housing the largest collection of art galleries in the city.

Propaganda Poster Art Centre Collection of 3000 original posters from the golden age of Maoist propaganda.

Beaugeste Superb photography gallery tucked away in Tiánzǐfáng.

Shànghǎi Gallery of Art Conceptual Chinese art on the Bund.

Leo Gallery Works by young Chinese artists.

Art on the Bund Collection of art galleries in the backstreets of the Bund showcasing contemporary Chinese and international artists.

Mínshēng Art Museum Excellent line-up of contemporary Chinese art exhibits.

China Art Museum Former World Expo China Pavilion reconfigured as a mammoth five-floor art museum, Pǔdōng-side.

Long Museum Contemporary art and Chinese artefacts in an imposing building designed by Chinese architect Liu Yichun.

Yuz Museum World-class contemporary art gallery housed in the former hangar of Longhua Airport.

Temples & Churches

Jade Buddha Temple Shànghǎi’s most active Buddhist temple.

Língyǐn Temple Hángzhōu’s main Buddhist temple, with a remarkable series of cliff-side carvings.

Chénxiānggé Monastery This Old Town temple shelters a gorgeous effigy of the Buddhist goddess of compassion.

Confucius Temple A tranquil spot with old trees and a Sunday book market, located in an atmospheric part of the Old Town.

Jìng’ān Temple Recently rebuilt downtown Buddhist temple fashioned from Burmese teak.

Ohel Moishe Synagogue One-time heart of Shànghǎi’s Jewish ghetto, now home to the Jewish Refugees Museum.

Lónghuá Temple & Pagoda The oldest and largest monastery in the city.

Temple of the Town God Shànghǎi is one of the few cities in China whose Taoist town god weathered the vicissitudes of the 20th century.

Dǒngjiādù Cathedral Shànghǎi’s oldest church, established by Spanish Jesuits in 1853.

Shěshān Basilica Magnificently crowning a hilltop southwest of the city.


Shànghǎi Museum Extraordinary overview of traditional Chinese art through the millennia, from ancient bronzes to Qing dynasty ink paintings.

Sūzhōu Museum Local artefacts – jade, ceramics and carvings – housed in a gorgeous contemporary building.

Shànghǎi History Museum Fun and accessible introduction to old Shànghǎi.

Shànghǎi Urban Planning Exhibition Hall The highlight here is an incredible scale model of the megalopolis c 2020.

Shànghǎi Natural History Museum Get up close to dinosaur fossils in this striking new location.

Shànghǎi Arts & Crafts Museum Watch craftspeople at work.

Shíkùmén Open House Museum Peek inside a shíkùmén house.

Aurora Museum Provides a culture hit in Pǔdōng with a treasure trove of antiquities.


AP Xīnyáng Fashion & Gifts Market The city’s largest market sells everything from tailor-made clothes to counterfeit bags.

South Bund Fabric Market Have a suit, dress or blouse tailor-made for a song.

Ghost Market At the Fúyòu Antique Market on Sundays sellers from the countryside hawk their wares.

Yùyuán Bazaar The ultimate Shànghǎi souvenir market in the Old Town: slightly tacky and extremely crowded, but always entertaining.

Qīpǔ Market Push through the crowds at this popular clothing outlet – everything must go now!

Massages & Spas

Dragonfly Long-time favourite with private rooms and soothing atmosphere.

Subconscious Day Spa Ecofriendly spa with traditional massage and yoga classes.

Double Rainbow Massage House Let the visually impaired masseuses work out the knots.

Green Massage A range of massages in a calming environment.

Free Stuff

M50 Shànghăi’s best-known arts enclave.

Shànghăi Museum Arguably the best museum in China – showcases the craft of a millennia.

Fùxīng Park A delightful spot to escape the city heat and traffic noise.

The Bund The trail of art deco and neoclassical buildings makes this one of the country's great city strolls.

Tiánzĭfáng A charming tree-lined pocket of traditional lòngtáng alleys, interspersed with wi-fi cafes, cool bars and restaurants, art shops and excellent small boutiques.

Power Station of Art Modern large-scale installations and design shows in a disused power station.

Liu Haisu Art Gallery Houses a collection of Liu Haisu's beautiful paintings, as well as contemporary art from around the world.

CY Tung Maritime Museum Learn all about the astonishing 15th-century explorer Zheng He.