Pǔdōng is brand-spanking-new Shànghǎi, sprawling east with seemingly infinite high-rises and skyscrapers from the Huángpǔ River’s far bank. A dazzling cosmos of high-altitude five-star hotels, banks, Maglev trains, giant TV screens and, less glamorously, faceless residential towers, it’s all set to a backdrop of roaring traffic and construction work.


With its neck-craning tourists, scurrying suits and dazzling evening neonscapes, Pǔdōng is a place name many Westerners know before setting foot in China. More than 1.5 times bigger than urban Shànghǎi, the economic powerhouse of the Pǔdōng New Area (浦东新区; Pǔdōng Xīnqū) swallows up the eastern bank of the Huángpǔ River.

The high-rise area directly across from the Bund is the Lùjiāzuǐ Finance and Trade Zone, where China’s largest stock market (the Shànghǎi Stock Exchange) makes or breaks China’s nouveau riche. There’s no obvious focal point where people congregate, although a swirlpool of sightseers rotates around the elevated walkway by the Oriental Pearl TV Tower.

Opened in mid-2016, the Shànghǎi Disney Resort in Pǔdōng is already sucking in legions of thrill-seeking tots and young-at-heart.


  • Oriental Pearl TV Tower Viewing Shànghǎi from low-orbit altitude through the glass-floored walkway.
  • Flair Sinking an evening alfresco cocktail and bathing yourself in Pǔdōng’s neon glow.
  • Aurora Museum Getting a culture hit admiring ancient jade and porcelain treasures.
  • Riverside Promenade Taking a stroll and aiming your camera westwards as the sun sets over Pǔxī.
  • Shànghǎi History Museum Leafing through the colourful pages of the city's history.

Top Tips

The best time to see Lùjiāzuǐ’s modern architecture is during late afternoon or at twilight/early evening, especially during summer (the wide Pǔdōng roads make the sun merciless). Sky-high views from observation decks, bars and restaurants allow you to contrast day, dusk and evening views. Walk around the elevated walkway by the Oriental Pearl TV Tower for show-stopping evening visuals.