Speak Low

Top choice

Cocktail Bar

in French Concession

Speak Low is a speakeasy within a speakeasy within a speakeasy. Once you find your way in through the Ocho bar equipment shop, start with a drink on the 2nd floor; outstanding cocktails run ¥75 to ¥85. Then head upstairs (hint: find China and you'll find the entrance) to the intimate, seating-only bar for expertly crafted Japanese-influenced cocktails from ¥100.

Third-floor signature drinks include the Speak Low – made with Barcardi, matcha tea and sherry, served with chocolates – and the Ladybird, with shiso-infused tequila, served in a wooden sake cup complete with a plum-salt rim. Then head to the even more exclusive 4th floor (if you can find it) where there are lockers in a Japanese-style whisky lounge; purchase a key to get a vintage bottle of liquor and enjoy it with a cigar. Reserve ahead at weekends.