Bar in Jìng’ān

Mokkos Lamu

Hidden away on a residential side street, Mokkos is a long-running local fave that specialises in nothing but shōchū (Japanese spirit made from grains). It's an intimate, jovial and welcoming bar where drinkers sit …
Bar in Jìng’ān


Inside the eco-chic Urbn, this fashionable, laid-back bar is a good spot for a relaxed drink, with old-school arcade games and an attractive outdoor terrace. There's craft beer on tap (including their own IPA) and a…
Pub in Jìng’ān

Tap House

Part of the trendy Zhāng Garden eating and drinking complex within an atmospheric lòngtáng, this brew house has 24 craft beers on tap. Food is also a highlight with southern BBQ dishes (mains from ¥65) including bee…
Craft Beer in Jìng’ān

Beer Plus

Beer Plus follows in the successful footsteps of Beer Lady as a mecca for beer lovers. Bottle-filled glass fridges line the walls and the choice is vast (it includes their own home brew). The food menu is on point w…
Cafe in Jìng’ān

Bandu Cabin

With charmingly eclectic mismatched furniture, this laid-back cafe-cum-record-label serves up noodles, drinks and snacks, along with traditional Chinese music concerts every second Saturday at 7.30pm (¥80). Phone ah…
Bar in Jìng’ān


This stylish, casual expat bar buzzes with the after-work crowd who come here for happy hour. There are six craft beers on tap, affordable cocktails, and ¥25 glasses of wine (from 5pm to 8pm). There's a good choice …
Bar in Jìng’ān

My Place Ruin Bar

Rising from the ashes of I Love Shanghai (which relocated to Tiánzǐfáng), My Place was established by two regulars who wanted to keep a dive bar running for locals. There's pool, darts and cheap drinks – including t…
Bar in Jìng’ān

That One Place

Run by a long-term US expat, this cosy dive bar is hidden down an alleyway that's emerging as a hip little strip. It's all about affordable craft beer, with a focus on brews from the Pacific Northwest. It's a real l…
Bar in Jìng’ān

The Spot

Attracting a mixed crowd, the Spot is part bistro, part lounge bar with a DJ spinning tracks, but when push comes to shove, it’s a sports bar best for catching live games. Check the website for the schedule. Happy h…
Bar in Jìng’ān


Had enough of wall-to-wall suits and sky-high prices? Helen's speciality is the bargain-basement, no-frills, student-set dive-end of the bar market. Enjoy.