Shanghai Old City drinking and nightlife

Teahouse in Shanghai Old City

Mid-Lake Pavilion Teahouse

Next to the entrance to the Yùyuán Gardens is the Mid-Lake Pavilion Teahouse, once part of the gardens and now one of the most famous teahouses in China, visited by Queen Elizabeth II and Bill Clinton, among others.…
Bar in Shanghai Old City

Char Bar

This stretch of the Bund is ideal for a rooftop bar and Char ticks all the boxes. The outdoor terrace has some of the finest views over the Huángpǔ River across to the thrilling neon lights of Pǔdōng. Inside, intima…
Teahouse in Shanghai Old City

Old Shànghǎi Teahouse

A bit like the attic of an eccentric aunt, this wonderfully decrepit 2nd-floor teahouse, overlooking the throng of Old Street, is a temple to the 1930s, with music on scratched records, period typewriters, aged phot…