Medical in Jìng’ān

Parkway Health

Offers comprehensive private medical care from internationally trained physicians and dentists. Members can access after-hours services and an emergency hotline. Has numerous locations around town.
Tourist Information in Jìng’ān

Tourist Information & Service Centre

Located outside Jìng'ān Temple, this small tourist office has a stack of brochures. Staff speak English.
Consulate in Jìng’ān

Australian Consulate

Australian embassy and consular services.
Consulate in Jìng’ān

UK Consulate

British embassy and consular services.
Hospital in Jìng’ān

Shànghǎi Children's Hospital

Centrally located children's hospital.
Tourist Information in Jìng’ān

Shànghǎi Cultural Information & Booking Centre

Get tickets for cultural events here.
Consulate in Jìng’ān

Irish Consulate

Irish embassy and consular services.
Post in Jìng’ān

China Post

Shànghǎi Centre post office branch.
Consulate in Jìng’ān

US Consulate

US citizen services and visas.
Consulate in Jìng’ān

Canadian Consulate