Renminbi (RMB); basic unit is the yuan (¥).

Mandarin, Shanghainese


Telephone in Shanghai

Shanghai Call Centre

This toll-free English-language hotline is possibly the most useful telephone number in Shanghai – it can even give your cab driver directions if you've got a mobile phone. Ask the operators on the line to haggle...

Medical in West Shanghai

Shenton Health Clinic

Formerly known as the Hongquiao Medical Centre, Shenton Health Clinic offers comprehensive private medical care from internationally trained physicians and dentists. Members can access after-hours services and an...

Medical in French Concession

Shanghai Qigong Institute

Part of Shanghai’s TCM school, the Qigong Institute offers qìgōng (energy development) treatments and massage at their Nanchang Rd building, as well as acupuncture sessions at their location on 650 Wanping Rd....

Medical in French Concession

Huashan Worldwide Medical Center

Hospital treatment and outpatient consultations are available at Huashan Hospital, which has some English-speaking staff. However, those with emergencies should go straight to the 24-hour emergency room (accident...

Bank in The Bund & People's Square

Bank of China

Right next to the Peace Hotel. Tends to get crowded, but is better organised than Chinese banks elsewhere around the country (it's worth a peek for its grand interior). Take a ticket and wait for your number. For...

Tourist Information in Sheshan

Tourist Information Centre

At the bottom of the hill at the West Gate entrance to Sheshan National Forest Park is this info centre with maps of the area plus drinks and snacks. English is limited, but the staff are helpful nonetheless.

Hospital in West Shanghai

Shanghai United Family Hospital

This internationally owned and managed hospital is a complete private hospital, staffed by doctors trained in the West. Medical facilities run to inpatient rooms, operating rooms, an intensive-care unit, birthing...

Medical in French Concession

Huashan Hospital

Hospital treatment and outpatient consultations are available in Building 1, on the 8th-floor foreigners’ clinic, the Huashan Worldwide Medical Center, and there's a 24-hour emergency room.

Tourist Information in Xujiahui & South Shanghai

Xujiahui Tourist Information Centre

Little English is spoken here, but staff have English-language information leaflets on the tourist sights to give out. There are two free guided tours at 9.30am and 14.30pm daily, lasting one to two hours...

Booking Service in French Concession

Shanghai Music Ticket Office

The place to buy tickets and pick up performance schedules for the Shanghai Conservatory of Music nearby. It also sells tickets for the Shanghai Theatre and Shanghai Symphony. Its signage is in Chinese characters.

Cultural Centre in Hongkou & North Shanghai

Alliance Francaise

On hand is a large French library with magazines, newspapers, DVDs and music CDs; exhibitions, music concerts and literary events are also held here. The centre offers French- and Chinese-language courses.

Medical in Jing'an


Offers comprehensive private medical care from internationally trained physicians and dentists. Members can access after-hours services and an emergency hotline. There are also dental services here.

Pharmacy in French Concession


The Hong Kong pharmacy Watson’s can be found in the basements of malls all over town, mainly selling imported toiletries and a limited range of simple over-the-counter pharmaceuticals.

Medical in French Concession

Shuguang Hospital

Situated next to Huaihai Park, this hospital has a full range of traditional Chinese healthcare. The hospital is affiliated with the Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Medical in Shanghai Old City

Body and Soul TCM Clinic

International staff integrating TCM and Western medical practices. There are three clinics in town. Acupuncture and tuīná (traditional) massage available.

Tourist Information in Zhujiajiao

Tourist Office

If you plan on doing a full day's sightseeing, you can buy a variety of packages from Zhujiajiao's tourist information office. They also have a useful map here.

Consulate in Jing'an

US Consulate

US citizen services and visas. Appointments necessary (book via the website). Emergencies only dealt with in the mornings.