West Bund's Art Hub

No one does urban regeneration quite like Shànghǎi, and the swift transformation of the West Bund from a deserted, industrial stretch of the river into a heartland of contemporary culture is a joy to behold. The two key players – Yuz Museum and the Long Museum – have already raised the bar for modern art in the city, with the Shanghai Centre of Photography and a series of design exhibitions at the nearby West Bund Arts Centre also making waves.

It's not just expensive galleries that are making this area a success, however. The surrounding greenery and attractive walkway along this stretch of the Huángpǔ have become a buzzing outdoor public space, drawing Shanghainese at evenings and weekends to jog, cycle, skateboard, clamber up the rock-climbing wall or hang out with friends.

More still is planned for this 'cultural corridor', namely DreamWorks’ Shànghǎi DreamCenter, which will feature outdoor event plazas, a 500-seater IMAX cinema and an animation studio, and is expected to open in 2017.