Shopping Strips

Looking for the best spots in Shànghǎi's French Concession to wander and window-shop? Around the South Shaanxi Rd metro station there are a few blocks that are a must for serious clothes shoppers. Afternoons and evenings are the best hours for browsing: some smaller shops don’t open their doors until noon, but most stay open until 10pm.

  • Nanchang Rd A good street for general browsing, with shoes, antiques, and men’s and women’s clothing.
  • Changle Rd Young designers and emerging local brands have taken over a one-block stretch of Changle Rd, east of Ruijin No 1 Rd.
  • Xinle Rd This two-block stretch has less-high-end fashion than Changle Rd but ultimately greater variety. Pop into Comme Moi for chic classic clothing.
  • South Maoming Rd South of Huaihai Rd you'll find custom-tailored traditional women’s clothing (such qípáo; figure-hugging Chinese dress); north of Huaihai Rd there's tailored men’s suits and dress shoes.