Huaihai Rd is the modern shopping street in Shànghǎi. The avenue is packed with towering department stores and global chains. To seek out local boutiques and homewares stores, head along leafy backstreets such as Nanchang, Changle, Fumin or Xinle Rds. Xīntiāndì has plenty of high-end brands, while Tiánzǐfáng is home to a number of cool boutiques within its laneways.

Tea Tasting

It may be a rather clichéd choice, but there’s no doubt that a Yíxīng teapot and a package of oolong tea makes for a convenient gift. But how do you go about a purchase? Two things to remember: first of all, be sure to taste (品尝; pǐncháng) and compare several different teas – flavours vary widely, and there’s no point in buying a premium grade if you don’t like it. Tasting is free (免费; miǎnfèi) and fun, but it’s good form to make some sort of purchase afterwards. Second, tea is generally priced by the jīn (斤; 500g), which may be more tea than you can finish in a year. Purchase several liǎng (两; 50g) instead – divide the list price by 10 for an idea of the final cost. Some of the different types of tea for sale include oolong (乌龙; wūlóng), green (绿; ), flower (花茶; huāchá) and pu-erh (普洱; pǔ’ěr) – true connoisseurs have a different teapot for each type of tea.

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