Wallking: Pǔdōng

  • Start Lujiazui metro station
  • Finish Shànghǎi World Financial Center
  • Length 3.5km; two hours

Looming above you like a sci-fi control tower, a short walk from the Lujiazui metro station, is the Oriental Pearl TV Tower, one of Lùjiāzuǐ’s most opinion-dividing edifices. Make sure you take a walk around the circular overhead walkway above the main intersection south of the tower, especially at night. Inside the tower, the absorbing Shànghǎi History Museum on the basement level is worth exploration.

Walk up Fenghe Rd and turn left onto Riverside Ave to reach a section of the Riverside Promenade for glorious images of the Bund across the water.

Follow a further stretch of the Riverside Promenade before cutting through Riverside Park and exiting onto Fucheng Rd by the Citigroup Building. Note the dramatic V-form of Tower Two of the Pudong Shangri-La hotel.

Immediately after the Citigroup Building, turn onto Huayuanshiqiao Rd to walk past the twin towers of the International Financial Centre (IFC) on your left; you will see the vast Shànghǎi Tower on your right before reaching the elegant Jīnmào Tower. You’re spoiled for high-altitude views all about – you can rocket to the 88th-floor observation deck of the Jīnmào; cross the street to the decks in the Shànghǎi World Financial Center, or top them all with views from the pinnacle of the awesome Shànghǎi Tower. Alternatively, select a bar or restaurant in either tower, but have a table booked for sunset visits. To return to metro line 2, the Lujiazui metro stop is a short walk west along Century Ave.