The French Concession is where it’s at when it comes to dining. No matter what you crave, you’ll probably find it here from gastronomic fusion fare, wild Yúnnán mushrooms and sushi to tongue-tingling Sìchuān, wood-fired pizzas and hand-pulled noodles. Taojiang Rd, Dongping Rd, Fumin Rd and Xīntiāndì are the main culinary hot spots in town, and with dozens of choices between them, you’d have to eat out every night for a year to try them all.

Eating Organic

The organic movement in China has only recently sprouted, but it has quickly spread in Shànghǎi. With the quality of produce and manufactured products in China becoming increasingly dubious, there’s been enough negative publicity (generated by the discovery of bean sprouts being soaked in a banned chemical solution at local markets, glass noodle samples that contained aluminium, and mutated eggs that bounced ‘like ping-pong balls’) that Shanghainese are starting to get interested. A number of organic farms have started up on the city's outskirts in recent years. The following restaurants specialise in local organic ingredients: