Cinema in Xújiāhuì & South Shànghǎi

SFC Metro City Cinema

This cinema on the 5th floor of Metro City mall has four screens and shows some English-language films.
Cinema in French Concession

Cathay Theatre

This 1932 art deco theatre is one of the cheaper and more centrally located French Concession cinemas. If you want to know if the film is in the original language, ask if it's the yuánbǎn (原版) version.
Cinema in French Concession

UME International Cineplex

This thoroughly modern cinema complex at Xīntiāndì screens Hollywood and Chinese films, with half-price tickets before 7pm on Tuesdays and before midday on weekends.
Cinema in The Bund & People's Square

Grand Cinema

This striking 1930s art deco cinema was one of Shànghǎi's most famous movie theatres, and today continues to screen the latest blockbusters.
Cinema in The Bund & People's Square

Peace Cinema

People’s Square cinema with an attached IMAX theatre (巨幕影院, Jùmùyǐngyuàn).
Cinema in Jìng’ān

Studio City

Modern cinema complex in the Westgate Mall.
Cinema in West Shànghǎi

Shànghǎi Film Art Centre

This cinema is the main venue for the Shanghai International Film Festival and usually has at least one movie showing in English at other times.