Top Choice Classical Music in The Bund & People's Square

Shànghǎi Grand Theatre

Shànghǎi’s state-of-the-art concert venue hosts everything from Broadway musicals to symphonies, ballets, operas and performances by internationally acclaimed classical soloists. There are also traditional Chinese m…
Top Choice Acrobatics in Jìng’ān

Shànghǎi Centre Theatre

The Shànghǎi Acrobatics Troupe has popular performances here at 7.30pm most nights. It’s a short but fun show and is high on the to-do list of most first-time visitors. Buy tickets a couple of days in advance from t…
Top Choice Live Music in West Shànghǎi


Small enough to feel intimate, but big enough for a sometimes pulsating atmosphere, Yùyīntáng has long been one of the top places in the city to see live music. Any Shànghǎi rock band worth its amps plays here, but …
Live Music in French Concession

Cotton Club

Harlem it ain’t, but this is still the best and longest-running bar for live jazz in Shànghǎi. It features blues and jazz groups throughout the week. Wynton Marsalis once stepped in to jam, forever sealing the Cotto…
Live Music in The Bund & People's Square

House of Blues & Jazz

Fittingly dark and divey, this vintage jazz and blues bar exudes plenty of class with its polished heavy wood decor. The house band delivers live jazz or blues from 9.30pm (10pm on Friday and Saturday) to 1am. Sunda…
Classical Music in French Concession

Shànghǎi Conservatory of Music

The auditorium here holds classical-music performances (Chinese and Western) usually on weekends at 7.30pm, and the musicians are often the stars of the future. You can buy tickets next door to the campus at Music T…
Chinese Opera in French Concession

Kūn Opera House

Shànghǎi’s Kun opera troupe has moved to a new home south of the city. There are usually monthly performances, but you’ll have to call ahead for the schedule. No English.
Cinema in Jìng’ān

Studio City

Modern cinema complex in the Westgate Mall.
Cinema in The Bund & People's Square

Peace Cinema

People’s Square cinema with an attached IMAX theatre (巨幕影院, Jùmùyǐngyuàn).
Jazz in The Bund & People's Square

Fairmont Peace Hotel Jazz Bar

Shànghǎi’s most famous hotel features Shànghǎi’s most famous jazz band (starts at 7pm), a septuagenarian sextet that’s been churning out nostalgic covers such as ‘Moon River’ and ‘Summertime’ since the dawn of time.…