French Concession entertainment

Classical Music in French Concession

Shanghai Symphony Orchestra Hall

Designed by architects Isozaki Arata and Yasushisa Toyota, and opening in 2014, this concert venue is now the home of the Shanghai Symphony Orchestra, which has been going strong since 1949. Small chamber music conc…
Classical Music in French Concession

Shànghǎi Conservatory of Music

The auditorium here holds classical-music performances (Chinese and Western), usually on weekends at 7.30pm, and the musicians are often the stars of the future. You can buy tickets next door to the campus at Music …
Live Music in French Concession

MAO Livehouse

One of the city’s best and largest music venues, MAO is a stalwart of the Shànghǎi music scene, with acts ranging from rock to pop to electronica. Check the website or Facebook page for schedules and ticket prices.
Cinema in French Concession

Cathay Theatre

This 1932 art deco theatre is one of the cheaper and more centrally located French Concession cinemas. If you want to know if the film is in the original language, ask if it's the yuánbǎn (原版) version.
Chinese Opera in French Concession

Kūn Opera House

Shànghǎi’s Kun opera troupe has moved to a new home south of the city. There are usually monthly performances, but you’ll have to call ahead for the schedule. No English.
Cinema in French Concession

UME International Cineplex

This thoroughly modern cinema complex at Xīntiāndì screens Hollywood and Chinese films, with half-price tickets before 7pm on Tuesdays and before midday on weekends.
Theatre in French Concession

Shanghai Culture Square

State-of-the-art theatrical facility with a focus on musicals, drama, ballet and classic traditional Chinese and international productions.