Top Choice Notable Building in Pǔdōng

Shànghǎi Tower

China’s tallest building dramatically twists skywards from its footing in Lùjiāzuǐ. The 121-storey 632m-tall Gensler-designed Shànghǎi Tower topped out in August 2013 and opened in mid-2016. The spiral-shaped tower …
Top Choice Notable Building in Pǔdōng

Oriental Pearl TV Tower

This 468m-tall poured-concrete tripod tower is the most iconic contemporary building in the city, and its image is flashed around town on everything from postcards to T-shirts. Love it or hate it, the Deng Xiaoping–…
Top Choice Museum in Pǔdōng

Aurora Museum

Designed by renowned Japanese architect, Andō Tadao, the Aurora Museum is set over six floors of the Aurora building and houses a stunning collection of Chinese treasures. Artefacts and antiquities on display includ…
Top Choice Amusement Park in Pǔdōng

Shànghǎi Disneyland

Disney has magicked-up a spectacular theme park in Shànghǎi, offering a subtly Chinese take on Mickey and co. Six themed areas encircle Disney’s biggest-ever Enchanted Storybook Castle, with attractions including a …
Top Choice Notable Building in Pǔdōng

Shànghǎi World Financial Center

Although trumped by the adjacent Shànghǎi Tower as the city’s most stratospheric building, the awe-inspiring 492m-high Shànghǎi World Financial Center is an astonishing sight, even more so come nightfall when its ‘b…
Top Choice Museum in Pǔdōng

Shànghǎi History Museum

The entire family will enjoy this informative museum with a fun presentation on old Shànghǎi. Learn how the city prospered on the back of the cotton trade and junk transportation, when it was known as ‘Little Sūzhōu…
Museum in Pǔdōng

China Art Museum

Set on the former site of the World Expo China Pavilion, this 160,000-sq-metre five-floor modern-art museum hosts some excellent international exhibitions and the inverted red pyramid building is a modern icon of Sh…
Notable Building in Pǔdōng

Jīnmào Tower

Resembling an art deco take on a pagoda, this crystalline edifice is a beauty. It’s essentially an office block with the high-altitude Grand Hyatt renting space from the 53rd to 87th floors. You can zip up in the el…
Aquarium in Pǔdōng

Shànghǎi Ocean Aquarium

Education meets entertainment in this slick and intelligently designed aquarium that children will love. Join them on a tour through the aquatic environments from the Yangzi River to Australia and South America, fro…
Museum in Pǔdōng

M21: 21st Century Minsheng Art Museum

Opened in 2014, this contemporary art museum is a sister gallery to the Minsheng Art Museum in Red Town. It occupies the former French Pavilion in the World Expo site and hosts exhibitions from China and overseas.