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On this completely customizable, full-day private tour of Zhujiajiao, get an authentic experience of this small, ancient water town as you immerse yourself in the traditional local lifestyle. Discover the town’s 1,700-year history manifested in its people, its food, its narrow alleys and ancient bridges, its antiquated buildings and the creaking boats floating along the picturesque canals. Your knowledgeable private guide will assist you in planning your day to ensure that you have an unforgettable experience.

Nestled just an hour away from Shanghai is a cozy, ancient water town characterized by winding canals, stone bridges, secluded cobblestone alleyways and several buildings from the Ming and Qing dynasties.On this private tour, take advantage of your local guide’s expert knowledge on Zhujiajiao’s hidden gems and popular spots to plan a day based on your own interests. No matter what you choose to see and do, your friendly guide will be at your side to help facilitate and enhance your discovery of this ancient water town by providing enlightening commentary and introducing you to the local people. Please note that any fees for activities, food and site visits are at your own expense.After arriving in Zhujiajiao by private transfer from your Shanghai hotel, take a leisurely stroll over ancient stone bridges and see locals enjoying boat rides on the narrow waterways. Don’t miss Fangsheng Bridge (Setting-Fish-Free Bridge), where you can experience a curious tradition of purchasing live fish from street vendors and then releasing them into the water for good luck.Walk along the town’s cobbled pathways and pass quaint houses with courtyards to witness the simplicity of daily life. Visit North Street, which boasts Zhujiajiao’s small-scale commercial lanes set to a backdrop of historical buildings and bridges.Board a boat for a tranquil cruise along winding waterways. Glide under stone bridges and see what life is like beside a river. For lunch, you may enjoy a meal you pre-packaged for yourself or eat at one the town’s most popular restaurants, Maolin Hall, renowned for its eel noodle and mutton noodle specialties.Visit Ke Zhi Yuan (Course Plant Garden), a large manorial garden home to one of the town’s tallest structures – a diametric pavilion called the Moon View Pavilion. If you feel like shopping, browse the various shops around town and peruse knick-knacks and nostalgic memorabilia that you may purchase as a keepsake of your unique experience.