Tickets in Qingdao

Xin Tianqiao Hotel Ticket Office

A handy ticket office sells air, train and boat tickets on the ground floor of the Xin Tianqiao Hotel (新天桥宾馆, Xīn Tiānqiáo Bīnguān), near the train station.

Cable Car in Penglai

Penglai Cable Car

Close to Penglai Pavilion, and still within the ticketed scenic area, you can zip across the bay by cable car for cliffside walks overlooking the Bo and Yellow Seas.

Bus Station in Ji'nan

Main Long-Distance Bus Station

Buses depart most frequently from Ji'nan’s long-distance central bus station, about 3km north of the train station. Take Bus K84 (¥2) from the train station.

Train Station in Qufu

Qufu East Train Station

Known locally as Gāotiě Zhàn (高铁站, High-Speed Railway Station), this is for bullet trains to places like Beijing, and is 9km southeast of the centre.

Bus in Yantai

Airport Shuttle

Airport shuttle buses leave half-hourly from the long-distance bus station between 4.30am and 8.30pm and take around one hour (¥20).

Boat in Qingdao

Weidong Ferry Company

Operates ferries from From Qingdao to Incheon, in South Korea, leaving on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. The trip takes 16½ hours.

Train Station in Qufu

Qufu Train Station

Qufu Train Station is closest to the walled city – just 3km to the east – but only regular trains stop here.