Top ChoiceBrewery in Qingdao

Tsingtao Beer Museum

For a self-serving introduction to China’s iconic beer, head to the original and still-operating brewery. On view are old photos, preserved brewery equipment and statistics, and there are also a few fascinating...

Top ChoiceShandong in Qingdao

Shawn Tren's

Housed in a former electrical office building dating from 1909, this super little restaurant, with big-window street views, knocks out delicious but affordable Shandong cuisine from its small open kitchen....

Top ChoiceBeer in Qingdao

International Beer Festival

The city’s premier party draws more than three million tipplers every August. It's not just Tsingtao on the menu, so expect a galaxy of international and domestic brands.

Park in Qingdao

Zhongshan Park

Within central Qingdao, Zhongshan Park is a vast 69 hectares of lakes, gardens and walking paths; it's an amusement park for kids and also the venue of lively festivals in the spring and summer. In the park’s...

Museum in Qingdao

Governor’s House Museum

This museum is one of Qingdao’s best examples of concession-era architecture – the former German governor’s residence constructed in the style of a German palace. The building’s interior is characteristic of...

Food Court in Qingdao

Mix C food court

Do as the locals do and escape the heat by taking the metro out to the city's most dazzling shopping mall where a 5th-floor food court is waiting to wow you with flavours from across China – Shanghai dumplings,...

Shandong in Qingdao

Jiāngníng Huìguǎn

The drama stage inside Jiangning Assembly Hall has been a long-time draw for renowned performers in Qingdao, and they still perform for diners here. Lunchtime shows (noon to 1pm) are Peking opera, while evening...

Church in Qingdao

St Michael’s Cathedral

St Michael’s Cathedral

Up a hill off Zhongshan Lu looms this grand Gothic- and Roman-style edifice. Completed in 1934, the church spires were supposed to be clock towers, but Chancellor Hitler cut funding of overseas projects and the...

Temple in Qingdao

Tianhou Temple

This small restored temple dedicated to Tiānhòu (天后), the patron of seafarers, has stood by the shore since 1467. The main hall contains a colourful statue of the goddess, flanked by fearsome guardians. There is...

Street Food in Qingdao

Huangdao Market

In the heart of Old Town, this long-standing, often frenetic street market is chock-a-block with vendors selling everything from squirming seafood, fried chicken and pancakes to fruit and soy milk. It’s all...

Lighthouse in Qingdao

Little Qingdao

In the shape of a qín (a stringed instrument) jutting into Qingdao Bay, this former island – which lends its name to the city – was connected to the mainland in the 1940s. The Germans built the white lighthouse...

Beach in Qingdao

Shilaoren Beach

On the far eastern side of town in Lao Shan district, and now with its own metro station, this 2.5km-long strip of clean sand is Qingdao’s largest and has the highest waves in town (decent for bodyboarding); it...

Pub in Qingdao

Beer Street

The first stop for any committed tipplers should probably be the many drinking holes and street-side restaurants along Beer Street, where you can sample the delicious dark, unfiltered yuánjiāng (原浆啤酒; pint ¥15),...

Cafe in Qingdao

Liángyǒu Shūfāng

Hidden up in the rafters on the 4th floor of the former Jiaozhou Post Office (c1901), this cafe-cum-bookshop is a serene place to take a break from the summer sunshine. The coffee's good and there's a decent...

Mountain in Qingdao

Taiping Hill

Rising up on the northeast side of Zhongshan Park, Taiping Hill hosts Qingdao TV Tower at its summit, connected to the base by a scenic cable car (one-way/return ¥70/120, 8.30am to 5.30pm).

Theatre in Qingdao

Qingdao Grand Theatre

Housed in a striking modern structure, the city’s grand performing-arts centre puts on world-class theatre, opera, music, dance and comedy on its three stages. It's 1km east of Shilaoren Beach metro station; come...

Church in Qingdao

Protestant Church

On a street of German buildings, this copper-capped beauty was designed by Curt Rothkegel and built in 1908. The interior is simple and Lutheran in its sparseness, apart from some carvings on the pillar cornices....

Cafe in Qingdao

Wù Yuán

This upmarket cafe-restaurant isn't quite on No 3 Beach, but it sure is close. The coffee is excellent, as is the Western food (sirloin steaks, lamb chops, salads and soups), and there are sea views from the 1st...

Antiques in Qingdao

Culture Street

‘Antiques’ and handicrafts are sold on the street in front of a tidy row of concession architecture north of Old Town. The most vendors come out on Saturday and Sunday. Take bus 2 to from Zhongshan Lu to Tai Dong...

Cafe in Qingdao

K+ Kāfēi

On a lovely perch overlooking the square in front of St Michael's Cathedral, and with benches outside that catch the breeze, this tiny, retro, European-style cafe does good coffee (espresso and drip) and also...