Cemetery in Qūfù

Confucius Forest

About 2km north of town on Lindao Lu is the peaceful Confucius Forest, a cemetery of pine and cypress covering 200 hectares bounded by a 10km-long wall. Confucius and more than 100,000 of his descendants have been b…
Museum in Qūfù

Confucius Mansion

Next to Confucius Temple is this maze of living quarters, halls, studies and further studies. The mansion buildings were moved from the temple grounds to the present site in 1377 and vastly expanded into 560 rooms i…
Confucian Temple in Qūfù

Confucius Temple

Like shrines to Confucius throughout China and Asia, this is more museum than altar. The heart of the complex is the huge yellow-eaved Dàchéng Hall (大成殿; Dàchéng Diàn), which in its present form dates from 1724. Cra…
Confucian Temple in Qūfù

Yán Temple

This tranquil temple northeast of Confucius Mansion is dedicated to Confucius’ beloved disciple Yan Hui, whose death at age 32 caused the understated Confucius ‘excessive grief’. The main structure, Fùshèng Hall (复圣…
Notable Building in Qīngdǎo

Huāshí Lóu

This granite and marble villa built in 1930 was first the home of a Russian aristocrat, and later the German governor’s hunting lodge. It is also known as the ‘Chiang Kaishek Building’, as the generalissimo secretly…
Lighthouse in Qīngdǎo

Little Qīngdǎo

In the shape of a qín (a stringed instrument) jutting into Qīngdǎo Bay, this former island – which lends its name to the city – was connected to the mainland in the 1940s. The Germans built the white lighthouse in 1…
Church in Qīngdǎo

Protestant Church

On a street of German buildings, this copper-capped beauty was designed by Curt Rothkegel and built in 1908. The interior is simple and Lutheran in its sparseness, apart from some carvings on the pillar cornices. Yo…
Church in Qīngdǎo

St Michael’s Cathedral

Up a hill off Zhongshan Lu looms this grand Gothic- and Roman-style edifice. Completed in 1934, the church spires were supposed to be clock towers, but Chancellor Hitler cut funding of overseas projects and the plan…
Temple in Qīngdǎo

Tiānhòu Temple

This small restored temple dedicated to Tiānhòu (天后), the patron of seafarers, has stood by the shore since 1467. The main hall contains a colourful statue of the goddess, flanked by fearsome guardians. There is als…
Buddhist Temple in Qīngdǎo

Zhànshān Temple

Within Zhōngshān Park is Qīngdǎo's largest temple, Zhànshān Temple, an active Buddhist monastery. The temple has a number of dramatic sandalwood Buddhas covered in gold foil.