Police in Xi'an

Public Security Bureau Exit-Entry Administration Bureau

This is on the southeast corner of Xixie 7 Lu. Visa extensions take five working days. To get here from the Bell Tower, take bus K205 and get off at Xixie 7 Lu.
Dentist in Xi'an

Lianbang Dental

This very friendly and professional dental practice is hard-working and has English-speaking staff. Take exit A from the metro station.
ATM in Xi'an


You won't find it hard to locate usable ATMs. When in doubt, try the southeast corner of the Bell Tower intersection.
Bank in Yan'an

Bank of China

On the corner of Daqiao Jie and Erdao Jie, this branch has a 24-hour ATM. There are other ATMs around town, too.
Travel Agency in Xi'an

China International Travel Service

The Bell Tower Hotel office is best for organising tours but the better deals are usually with the hostels.
Bank in Hancheng

Bank of China

This branch of Bank of China, close to the bus station, has a 24-hour ATM and will change cash.
Tourist Information in Hua Shan

Huá Shān Visitor Centre Ticket Office

This huge visitor centre is the main point of entry of those taking the bus to the cable cars.
Hospital in Xi'an

Xī'ān Central Hospital

Centrally located and a short walk from Bei Da Jie metro station.
Post in Xi'an

China Post

Right across from the Bell Tower; Western Union is here too.
Post in Hua Shan

China Post

Handily located on Yuquan Lu.